Animal Referral and Emergency Center

1648 N. County Club Drive
Mesa, Arizona 85201

The Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona is one of the few emergency and specialty clinics of its size and caliber in the nation.  It is a two story 18,000 s.f. veterinary facility which handles emergency medical cases and specialty referrals from a regional base of referral doctors and emergency patients.  The building itself is situated on a two acre lot in Mesa Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. During the design and planning of the facility special application had to be made to the City of Mesa in order to accommodate the facility on such small site.

This facility was one of the first in Mesa to utilize their development incentive process for infill lots in older neighborhoods.  The building exterior is a contemporary Spanish stucco with Barrel-tile roofing.  The building height was strictly limited and dictated that the building be no taller than 35 feet.  In addition the originally bare site will contain extensive landscaping once finished as well as water retention ponds and the required parking.

114 E Cevallos St,  San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone: (210) 479-8900