Family Pet Hospital of Stone Oak

19355 Stone Oak Parkway
San Antonio, Texas  78258

This 3,000 s.f. veterinary facility was designed for a husband and wife planning on opening a new animal clinic in the Stone Oak Development in north central San Antonio.  They purchased a site on the main street of the development with good views that was approximately one acre in size. Since their use only required about half of the lot we proposed to provide a master plan for the site and were able to provide a site layout that allowed for another similar sized building.

The Owners subsequently sold the second site to a dentist interested in developing his office which we also designed.  Because the site was over the aquifer water quality pond was required.  This pond was designed at front side of the site which happened to be the low point and was incorporated into the landscaping.  The building exterior utilizes a forest green colored metal roof and native Texas limestone.  The roof line as well as window placement and selection of a stained wood door provide a homey, comfortable feel to the exterior of the clinic.  Inside the clients have used other touches such as curtains, wall papers and wood trim to bring this look to the inside of the building as well.

4733 Shavano Oak Dr. Suite 103 San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: (210) 479-8900  |  Fax: (210) 479-8901