John Deere Landscapes Warehouse

16113 Universty Oaks Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78249

This project is a warehouse owned by John Deere that is wholesale distributer of landscaping products located in the University Oaks business park in San Antonio, TX.  The project was constructed and is owner by the Cadena Group for the tenant.  The project consists of a 5000 s.f. building constructed with a pre-engineered metal building frame.  It is a warehouse type structure with overhead doors on both ends of the structure which allows landscaping contractors to acutally drive through the building, have workers load materials and equipments and drive out with their fully loaded trucks and trailers.

The building exterior is a constructed of integrally colored concrete masonry blocks.  The exterior wall has two colors of block and green metal accent trim.  The overhead doors, personel doors and windows are glass with mill finish aluminum frams that allow plenty of natural light into the building.

114 E Cevallos St,  San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone: (210) 479-8900