Pinnacle Kids Academy

7003 Tezel Road
San Antonio, TX 78250

The Pinnacle Kids Academy consists of approximately 7500 s.f. of total area with 8 classrooms for infants through elementary age children in after school programs. Each classroom has a private rest room, counter and sink spaces as well as separate carpet and vinyl floor areas for various types of activities. There is a kitchen area for meal and snack food preparation as well as staff offices, reception area and other storage and support areas. The classrooms are designed to be spacious and offer different learning centers for age-appropriate cognitive development. The building interior has bright colors, easily cleanable surfaces and fun, kid-size furniture and fixtures.

The exterior of the building has a columned porch entry with walls consisting of painted stucco and rock. The shingle roof has gables, hips and dormers to provide a varied, interesting and homey look for the building. The lot has many large oak trees that we carefully preserved to enhance the landscape and provide shade for the the Outdoor Play Areas. These areas provide various different levels of interest for the different age groups that utilize the modern play equipment. The playground area itself is nicely mulched and landscaped and is a spacious and fun-place for play and relaxation.

114 E Cevallos St,  San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone: (210) 479-8900