Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design, Inc.

4733 Shavano Oak Drive Suite 103
San Antonio, TX 78249

The building that we designed for our new offices is situated on a one quarter acre lot with 3050 s.f. and 12 parking spaces. The landscaping that was planned and installed uses water saving xeriscape principles;no turf areas and water saving plant materials.

The building itself has a contemporary two color brick exterior with two distinct entry gables and a standing seam galvanized metal roof with 3 foot overhangs to provide plenty of shade during the day. Each office and room will have windows to take advantage of natural lighting. Other features of the building design such as six inch insulated exterior walls, 10 inch batt insulation at the ceiling, foil faced roofing deck to reflect heat away from the attic,as well as indirect fluorescent lighting, zoned air conditioning and northern orientation also help in maintaining the energy efficiency of the building.

Our offices will occupy half of the building and consist of an entry/reception area, 2 private offices, drafting room with 4 work areas, built in shelving, desks and storage, a copy room and closets. The other half of the building will be tenant lease space with their own entry/reception area, 4 private offices, a copy room, and closets. We will share bathrooms and a conference/break room between ourselves and the lease space.

114 E Cevallos St,  San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone: (210) 479-8900