Westover Hills Medical Professional

 9730 Westover Hills Blvd 
San Antonio, TX 78251

Westover Hills Medical Professional Building is an approximately 18,000 square foot building space that offers up to 4 different tenants to occupy the spaces. Each space has a primary and secondary doorway for entry and exit. The main entries are delineated with a canopy covered patio with stone columns. To further highlight the entries, stone towers were brought up at a higher elevation than the rest of the building. Both the height and materials play a role in differentiating the entrances from the rest of the building. The façade is a combination of stucco, stone, wood, and metal. Towers at each end of the building draw the eye visually, giving a focal point to anchor each side. The wood soffits at the towers allows sunlight to reflect and cause them appear as if they were illuminated.  We used stucco bands and trims to highlight the buildings elongation and to emphasize height changes.