Gottwald Dental Clinic

12740 Bandera Road
Helotes, TX 78023

The unusually shaped site for this multi-building project provided the biggest challenge in the design of the facility. The L shape site was almost one acre in size, however, it had minimal frontage with narrow width and had many mature live Oak trees that the Owner wished to save. In addition it was over the Edwards Aquifer and required that an on site water quality pond be installed. To accommodate these factors as well as maximize the building area two buildings were designed. The first was approximately 4,000 s.f. and would contain the Owner’s dental office in one half and provide additional lease space in the other.

The second building of approximately 2,000 s.f. was designed for another tenant. Fortunately the site sloped to the rear which allowed us to put the detention pond in the back. Parking was split, with a few spaces for clients in the front among the large oak trees and the majority behind the first building to be shared by both offices. The building at the front of the site was designed as a long narrow rectangle in order to allow access along one side to the rear parking area and second building. Stucco walls painted in a warm gold tone along with limestone accents and a standing seam metal roof comprise the exterior building materials. A front porch supported by wood columns runs along the front of the building and is accented by a three gables to give the building a contemporary Texas look. The second building uses similar materials, colors, and forms. The design of this project as well as it’s close proximity to a local high school has insured that it has been fully leased since shortly after construction.

114 E Cevallos St,  San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone: (210) 479-8900